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Hypnobonbon & Sexual visions start 19/08/2021 - 18:00

the reinvention of sexual love

sexual love opens up an unique room to learn intimacy. intimay is the mental process emerging when the self increases its knowledge of intrapsychic reality, thus finding its way to a higher self-integration – so the indivual becomes aware of its feelings and becomes able to communicate its experience in form of an outing to others – open and authentically.

this authenticity in togetherness gives no security, has no guaranty, is exhiliarating and terrifying at the same time.

to achieve this you do not need ideologies, advisors, relationship-constructs or sexual techniques – you need devotion. not devotion in the form of surrendering to the loved person, but as devotion to a situation, to life here and now, strong and trusting. and these moments of self-approved intimacy, these are the moments that can give sexual love a sacral touch.

from you to me to we,

the experience of being a self is not only an illusion created by a multitude of interrelated cognitive modules in the brain, it is also a principle of personal identity built by the other and the normative commitments. in politically confusing times the topics of the self and the other, of intersubjectivity and empathy, get into trouble. uncertainty shapes our time. the relationship to the other is in conflict between the desire for bonding and the pursuit of autonomy. the embodied self with its power and vulnerability is threatened by the agony of eros.

feminism is an important historic movement helping us to overcome patriarchal structures in our society. ongoing from there we must redefine gender roles and develop clear, free and egalitarian relations. romantic love is dependence. we must forget the control over our selves. sexual performance in our culture is a subject of capitalist order. we want a new world order with free and emancipated humans, with self-awareness and alterity.

states and families change, new structures are developed and tested, they should be less rigid, more tolerant and colourful with sexuality as the creative megapower.

arts reach a new summit, as well as the art of living lovingly together.

that’s our goal, we try hard.

the present is the point of power and accepted vulnerability

- Jolana Wagner Skacel

Causa efficiens

The „four causes“ is a central principle in Aristotelian

thought. It suggests that every change or movement can

essentially be classified into four answers to the question


Aristoteles wrote that “we do not have knowledge of

a thing until we have grasped its why, that is to say, its


The contraposition of two images shows two different

states of a situation. The viewer is encouraged to think

about the temporal and spatial context and development.

What is happening? What happened before? What will

happen? And why?

The series „causa efficiens“ includes around 50 works that

juxtapose two images.

Viewers are invited to imagine their contexts and


We can see what we can imagine.

- Markus Benjamin Riedler

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