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Les Soeurs Siamonaises

Les soeurs siamonaises Les Soeurs Siamoises, or the Siamese Sisters, are a French contemporary artistic duo, consisting of Soeur Sylvie and Soeur Frédéric. They live and work together in France, creating amazing artworks that reflect their unique perspectives and experiences. They see art as essential to their existence and enjoy experimenting and pushing boundaries in their work. They use Instagram as a medium to showcase their work and follow other artists, and also utilize digitalization in their art practice through the use of tablet graphics and software. The name "Siamese Sisters" is a reference to their shared traumatic familial background and the need to hide from others. They believe that their work is stronger and richer when they collaborate and that working together gives them the strength to work harder. They prefer to keep their individual roles in the creative process somewhat ambiguous, focusing more on their collective work as a whole. They don't have a specific medium that they prefer over others, instead choosing to work with whatever medium speaks to them at the moment. The pandemic affected their work style by giving them more determination and inspiring them to explore the inside world more. They work best in the morning and are often inspired by news, daily life, and other artists' works. They are deeply affected by the social and racial inequalities they see in the world and strive to use their art as a way to raise awareness and create change. Les Soeurs Siamoises' art is known for its bold and experimental nature. They often use a mix of different mediums in their work, including painting, sculpture, modeling, photography, and animation. Their paintings, in particular, are known for their unique style that incorporates elements of abstraction and surrealism. They often use bold colors and strong lines, creating a sense of movement and energy in their work. Their use of color is striking, they often use bright, vibrant hues that catch the viewer's eye. They also make use of contrasting colors and unexpected color combinations, creating a sense of tension and movement in their work. Their painting style is also heavily influenced by their personal experiences and emotions. They often use their art as a means of expressing their feelings and thoughts about the world 

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