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Graz, 03.02.23
The opening expo of Roberto Guglielmino's paintings at the Ursula Stross gallery was a resounding success. The event was a showcase of Roberto's exceptional talent, and visitors were treated to a feast of color and form. The setting was beautiful, with each piece of art displayed to perfection, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the artist's mastery.

Throughout the evening, guests were able to understand Roberto point of view thanks to the beautiful presentation made by Anastasia, who was on hand to share the inspiration and creative process of the artist. This provided a unique opportunity for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the artist and his work. The crowd was captivated by Roberto's passion for his craft and his insightful perspectives on the art world.

As the night progressed, visitors mingled and chatted with each other, sharing their thoughts on the pieces on display. The atmosphere was lively and filled with excitement, and everyone agreed that the event was a true celebration of Roberto's talent and creativity.

We at the Ursula Stross gallery are really proud to have hosted such a successful and beautiful event, and Roberto Guglielmino's work will surely continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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