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Öl auf Molino


Roberto Guglielmino (* 1952 in Varese; † 2009 in Graz) was an Italian-born Styrian artist who combined elements of both abstract and surreal 20th century techniques in his metaphysic paintings. He was self-taught and began his career in Graz, Austria in the 1970s, as a member of a group of young artists known as the "Young Wild Ones" who opposed established avant-garde and minimalistic art. He experimented with different materials, styles and mediums and crossed paths with other famous artists all over Europe. Roberto also had a passion for music, particularly jazz, and sometimes incorporated it into his art. In his later works, he returned to figurative painting and used geometric shapes and deformed nature as a motif.


Guglielmino's  oil art pieces are distinguished by an unreal light source, an intense play of chiaroscuro and the presence of markedly defined volumes, which are expressed in a combination of elements that will leave the observer astonished.

Kopf - Roberto Guglielmino

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