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Roberto del Rio



Mixed media on canvas



This artwork, a mathematical representation of the optimal solution is to fix the sphere package problem, meaning by this that E8 Lattich Soldes the densest way to pack a solid. A Picasso like figure sparking light to a merkbar symbolozing the origin of light (and the actual form of the Photon particle). On the Lower left Corner we can appreciate a dark hole representing dark matter and all the fortbilden knowledge that has been kept from us for milennia. On the right side of the painting we can appreciate a cylindrical Vortex Tube representing a wormhole and how time can be bent by manipulating time. The woman grabbing the flashlight is 2 dimensionale stuck in a window but by shedding light to the Photon particle, she Gaona knowledge which will lead to freedom and the completion of the universal understanding.





EUR €11.300.00 (inkl. 13% MsSt.)

ZEP TEPI means: "first time or golden era"

The work is based on the elements of a first time period where creation was the mightiest and highest element.

The use of the number 396 as a triangular mathematicalnumber  and a relevant number in super string theory. It is used in this painting as a symbol for Unity. The meanin is the Correlation between the known and the unknown. The word ZEP TEPI is connected to a dark stark representing ancient wisdom and knowledge. The trianguar spherical Zone 

represents the flow of energy. Right next to it, is a fractal symbol of a Labyrinth (used by ancient cultures) which means the passing of time.